The Rector Writes - September 2018

September is always an emotional month for someone:

There will be children starting at primary school, with the inevitable tears at the school gate (more often from parents than children).

Then there are those moving up to senior school - will I know anyone? Will I fit in?

Or going away to university - how did they grow up so quickly?

Or starting work, the apprenticeship or the training contract in the City.

Septembers mark the beginning of the academic year and mark off milestones in growing up.

The two go together - learning and growing.

And that is true even after we leave school.

Not just in terms of, say, times tables (although I know someone who was so pleased at having passed her maths GCSE in her forties), but in all sorts of practical ways, as we learn we grow.

That is why employers pay for people to go on professional development course - so that we can learn and grow.

The same is true spiritually.

This academic year where could you grow and what could you learn to help with that?

Why not pick up a Bible, come along on a Sunday morning, or join one of our discussion groups? You never know what you might learn and how you might grow.