The Rector Writes - May 2018

This month hundreds of thousands of students will be sitting their GCSE exams. A similar number will be sitting their 'A' levels. Others will be stressing about university, professional, or other exams.

I have lost track of the number of times that I have thought to myself, "this will be last exam", but every time I have been wrong.

Life can sometimes feel like a never-ending round of examinations.

We even do it in our spare time (music exams or trying to set a new personal best in a park run, for instance).

None of which is a bad thing: next time you need someone to rewire your house, I really hope (for your sake) that you get someone qualified. Or when you go to the doctor, it is a very good thing that that doctor will have sat endless exams before they get to examine you.

But it is possible for us to take that mindset - that we are constantly being assessed to see whether we are good enough - and carry that over into the wrong domain.

What about God? Is there an examination to be passed here?

Oh yes, the most searching of all tests - nothing is hidden before God's judgement.

Which is why it's folly to try to measure up in our own strength - we all fail the test.

But this is what the Bible says "he has qualified you" - do you see the difference? He qualifies us to share in His kingdom - not waiting to see whether we will measure up - if we will trust in His Son.

What a relief!