The Rector Writes - June 2018

You must have had the experience of meeting someone and getting their identity wrong.

Surely, it isn't just me. It happens to me all the time - especially when I see someone in a place I'm not expecting.

Usually it doesn't matter all that much - it results in a few minutes of confusion on my part and I look a bit foolish (but I am quite used to looking foolish by now, since it happens so much).

But there are times when it does.

For example, if you are taking investment advice, it really matters whether the person you whom you are speaking is someone worth listening to. (If, say, it's somebody I've just met in the pub who suggests that putting all my savings on the 3:30 at Newmarket, then perhaps this is not someone whose investment advice I need to listen to).

Sometimes too people's identities can surprise one. For example, I think of one person I know who, if you met them, you would never guess had captained England at international competitions.

Jesus at one point asked His followers who people thought He was. It is an interesting question, and if you asked it today, you would still get a wide range of answers: He was a good teacher, He was a misguided idealist, He was a charlatan, or even He never existed.

Having heard then when people were saying down the pub or in the marketplace, Jesus then turns then question to them: "Who do you say that I am?"

What would you answer?

When assessing someone's identity, we need to look at both their claims and the evidence that backs that you. (You claim to be an investment wizard - well, show me the results that proves you've outperformed the market then.)

I wonder, have you done that with Jesus? Have you looked at one of the eyewitness accounts and weighed up the evidence for His claim yet?