The Rector Writes - April 2018

Prayer is a funny thing.

It is sometimes difficult to know how to think about it.

So, have you noticed when a tragedy occurs some politicians will say "our prayers are with the family" whereas others will say "our thoughts are with them". Does that mean that prayer just a religious way of saying that you are thinking about someone?

Or sometimes, people talk about prayer as if is a way of really changing things - but with so many people praying in different ways to different gods, whose prayer 'wins'?

Well, it all depends on what universe you live in.

You see, if we live in a universe that is basically just a big machine and we are all just cogs, then clearly prayer is just me talking to the ceiling.

When Jesus' followers asked Him to teach them how to pray, the prayer He taught them started "our Father in heaven..." because Jesus wanted us to know what sort of universe we really live in.

We live in a universe where God rules - He is "in heaven" enthroned above everything.

And we live in a universe where we can know God as "our Father".

I wonder, do you know Him as your Father?