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    APRIL 2021



    If you have not signed up for this Sunday's services, please do.

    Last week we were completely booked, so we have also set up a waiting list, so that if spaces become available, you can still be there.

    You can sign up here:


    ** (Or, if you have any difficulties, please get in touch with us at the Rectory).


    Our children's sheets for this week are available here:


    SMALL GROUPS: Our Bible study and fellowship groups will be restarting this week after our Easter break – if you would like details, please get in touch.


    APCM:  Lastly, the dates for our annual church meetings are now set. Those will be:

    • Monday, 17 May at 7:30pm for St Margaret's, Halstead
    • Wednesday, 19 May at 7:30 for St Katharine's, Knockholt

    Do look out for further details (including whether that will be online or in-person), but in the meantime, mark the date in your diary.


    Dear all,

    In Memoriam: HRH  Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh



    By now, you will, I am sure have heard the sad news that His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh has died.

    Our thoughts and prayers are, of course, above all with Her Majesty the Queen and the whole of Royal Family and we give thanks to Almighty God for Prince Philip's many decades of service to commonwealth and nation and for his unfailing support of HM the Queen.

    We now enter a period of national mourning – while there have long been plans prepared for what that would look like and what it would involve, the present situation inevitably necessitates changes to those.

    We would previously have hosted physical books of condolence for you to be able to convey any messages you may have. However, the Palace has stated that no physical books of condolence should be used. Instead, you are invited to share your messages of condolence on the online book of condolence at the Royal Family's official webpage (www.royal.uk). A selection of those messages will be passed onto members of the Royal Family, and may be held in the Royal Archives for posterity.

    The Palace has requested that, rather giving floral tributes, people should make a donation to charity in the Prince's name. In line with that, we have set up a fund in memory of the Prince. In line with the work Prince Philip did among and for young people, the fund will be used for the church's work with children and young people in our parishes. If you would like to make a donation to that, you can go to https://knockholtandhalstead.churchsuite.co.uk/donate and in the drop down box for "fund" select "Duke of Edinburgh Memorial Fund". You are, of course, welcome to make a donation to whatever charity you may wish.

    It is understood, however, some people will want to make some sort of physical gesture (especially since there will be no physical book of condolence). Should you wish to, you are welcome to lay a floral tribute to His Royal Highness in our churchyards. Please leave any tributes in the area near the church door - the same area as our Easter cross (please, no cellophane wrapping).

    I shall be in touch about other arrangements in due course – closer to the time of the funeral.

    In the meantime, you may wish to use one of the following forms of prayer:

    In gratitude for Prince Philip's life:

    God of our lives,
    we give thanks for the life of Prince Philip,
    for the love he shared among us,
    and for his devotion to duty.
    We entrust him now to Your love and mercy,
    through our Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Praying for The Queen and the Royal Family:

    Merciful God, be close to all who mourn,
    especially The Queen and all members of the Royal Family.
    May they know the hope of Your promises
    and the comfort of Your love,
    through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



    Your Rector, Tim

    The Rev'd Tim Edwards
    Rector of the United Benefice of Knockholt with Halstead

    01959 532 133
    07980 826 365

    Website: knockholtandhalsteadchurches.org/
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/knockholtandhalsteadchurches
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/HalsteadRectoryUK
    Giving: knockholtandhalstead.churchsuite.co.uk/donate




    If you were with us on Easter Day you will have enjoyed seeing our Easter Drama, performed by children (and some adults) from our church family.

    You can now see that on our YouTube channel – and share it with friends and family. You can access the channel on the top right hand side of this page.

    That is here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXL3BYOZFyH40Rcv9-O12FYHkYxeY9TJ6

    In addition, during Holy Week, we had "An Evening with Jeremy Marshall", which you can also now see on our YouTube channel – it is well worth sharing with others.

    Jeremy is a local man and the former CEO of the UK's oldest private bank (C. Hoare & Co.). In 2016 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jeremy is able to speak clearly about what difference Jesus makes to life. Tim interviewed Jeremy after which people were welcome to ask any questions whatsoever. Jeremy is also the author of our two Lent books for this year. I honestly cannot think of anything more urgently relevant to where we are in 2021.

    That can be seen here: https://youtu.be/G-hcupg5xaA


    As we move out of the current restrictions towards whatever the "new normal" will be, there are many things that we hope to do together as a church family. The last twelve months, while strange, have also been some of the busiest we have known. The need have never been greater for us to put into action of vision of "Knowing God, Loving God, Sharing God."

    Humanly speaking, we can only do that if we work together.

    Can I, therefore, ask you to consider whether you are able to make a regular gift to the work of your local church?

    Not everyone will be able to do that, we know – the last year has been financially difficult for many (that is why, for example, we have been supporting local families through our Food Bank).

    But could I ask you to think whether you could either start giving regularly or increase your regular gift to help make our vision a reality?

    The easiest way to give is simply to go to our website and click on "donations/giving", which will allow you to give securely.

    Thank you, so much,

    Your Rector, Tim

    The Rev'd Tim Edwards
    Rector of the United Benefice of Knockholt with Halstead



    - If you have the myChurchsuite app – you can sign up directly there; or
    - Use the links for each service below; or
    - Email the Rectory – Tim (
    tim.edwards@gmail.com) or Debbie (rev.tim.office@gmail.com) and we will add you on.

    Are you online and would like to connect?

    Connect with us here:  http://knockholtandhalsteadchurches.org/ or at https://www.facebook.com/knockholtandhalsteadchurches/ or click on the FACEBOOK icon on top right hand side of this page.

    Have you filled out your contact form?
    Make sure that you have filled out the contact form, you can do that at: http://knockholtandhalsteadchurches.org/resources/contact-details-form/  so that we can keep you in touch.

    Would you like to join our weekly Bible Study Groups? It's an opportunity to grow in your faith and to get to know Jesus. To join one of the groups online: See the benefice calendar for details here: http://knockholtandhalsteadchurches.org/whats-on/benefice-calendar/




    Food donations -

    Useful to note: 

    a) If you would like to give a physical donation of food.

    b) Please take your physical donation to: Coolings Green & Pleasant, Main Road, Knockholt. 

    c) This will go to support our partners at Trinity School Food Bank, who are working actively, and doing great work, to support local families within Sevenoaks.

    d) Thank-you! for supporting this local initiative.


    Knockholt HELP !  - We take phone calls between 9 am to 1pm Monday to Saturday only, or you can email us and we’ll get back  to you as soon as possible. Contact Ray by telephone on: 01959533024    or by email – knockholthelp@gmail.com

    When contacting us please tell us your name and phone number, particularly if the line is busy and you have to leave a message.   [ Knockholt Help is supported by Knockholt Parish Council ]

    These are the key areas where we can be of help:

    • Shopping for groceries;
    • Collecting vital medication;
    • Posting letters and packages;
    • A friendly ‘phone call or a chat

    Do you or a member of your household have one of the Coronavirus symptoms and have been told 
    to self-isolate for 7 or 14 days? If so, then help is at hand.

    Knockholt Help was set up by a group of local volunteers during the first Lockdown period  in the Spring, and will be reactivated to help and support our fellow villagers who need to self-isolate. This service is free and utilises Knockholt Grapevine, so please check your emails regularly for updates.


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