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    This week's Prayer Notes  available HERE

    Weekly webcasts  continue as normal and can be viewed  HERE

    Regular children's resources  continue as normal and sheets can be viewed  HERE 


    Christmas plans

    Contrary to what you may have heard, Christmas is most definitely not cancelled this year.

    At the moment, we do not know whether physical services will be permitted. If they are, services will be at the same times as over the last few months (9:30 for St Katharine's, Knockholt and 10:30 for St Margaret's, Halstead), unless indicated otherwise below. (Please sign up in the usual way.)

    See below, follow us on Facebook, and make sure that you have signed up for email updates to get the latest news.


    Sunday, 6 December
    (Advent II)

    Christingle Kits will be sent out to families, along with resources to make the most of those ahead of the Sunday services

    Sunday, 13 December
    (Advent III)

    Video carols, readings, and reflections

    Sunday, 20 December
    (Advent IV)

    Doorstep carols (see below)

    Thursday, 24 December (Christmas Eve)

    Our 'Virtual Crib Service' featuring children from the parishes acting out and retelling the Christmas story (1pm and 2:30pm at St Margaret's; 4pm and 5:30pm at St Katharine's)

    Thursday, 24 December/ Friday, 25 December (Christmas Night/ Christmas Morning)

    Christmas night (11:30pm St Margaret's) / Christmas Morning (10:30am St Katharine's) service – as we reflect on the most wonderful news together – "Joy to the World, the Lord is come!"


    Doorstep Carols - Sunday 20th December

    On Sunday, 20 December, we have a wonderful opportunity to join with people across the nation – and the world – in singing carols on our doorsteps.

    At 5:30pm, tune your radio to Premier Radio or Freeview 725 or download the Premier Radio App, come out to your doorstep and sing along to the carols.

    Wear your festive jumpers and get properly into the spirit.

    A great thing to do along with neighbours (like with the 'clap for the NHS' earlier in the year).


    Community News: 

    St Katharine's Knockholt:
    We have also increased seating capacity at St Katharine's whilst adhering to safe distancing protocols.


    Are you online? Connect with us :)
    Connect with us online here:  http://knockholtandhalsteadchurches.org/ or at https://www.facebook.com/knockholtandhalsteadchurches/ easier still, click on the Facebook icon on top right hand side of this page.


    Have you filled out your contact form?
    Make sure that you have filled out the contact form here: http://knockholtandhalsteadchurches.org/resources/contact-details-form/ so that we can keep you in touch.


    Have you connected to the weekly Live Stream?
    Watch the weekly “From the Rector’s Study”live-stream: Click on the YouTube icon on top right hand side of this page.


    Would you like to join our weekly Bible Groups?
    Join one of our Bible study groups online: See the benefice calendar for details here: http://knockholtandhalsteadchurches.org/whats-on/benefice-calendar/


    Food Bank support:

    Useful to note: 

    a) If you would like to give a physical donation of food.

    b) Please take your physical donation to: Coolings Green & Pleasant, Main Road, Knockholt. 

    c) This will go to support our partners at Trinity School Food Bank, who are working actively, and doing great work, to support local families within Sevenoaks.

    d) Thank-you! for supporting this local initiative.


    Knockholt HELP !


    Are you in one of the ‘at risk’ groups who have been advised to self-isolate during the next period of 
    Lockdown and activity restrictions? 

    Do you or a member of your household have one of the Coronavirus symptoms and have been told 
    to self-isolate for 7 or 14 days? If so, then help is at hand.

    Knockholt Help was set up by a group of local volunteers during the first Lockdown period  in the Spring, and will be reactivated to help and support our fellow villagers who need to self-isolate. This service is free and utilises Knockholt Grapevine, so please check your emails regularly for updates.

    These are the key areas where we can be of help:

    • Shopping for groceries;
    • Collecting vital medication;
    • Posting letters and packages;
    • A friendly ‘phone call or a chat


    We take phone calls between 9 am to 1pm Monday  to Saturday, or you can email us and we’ll get back  to you as soon as possible. Our details are as before:

    telephone  - 07523 14727     email – knockholthelp@gmail.com

    When contacting us please tell us your name and phone number, particularly if the line is busy and you have to leave a message. Kindly note that by doing so you consent to us holding these personal details. We will do our best to help you.  [ Knockholt Help is supported by Knockholt Parish Council ]



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