Who's Who

Below you will find biographies and contact details for the key people involved with our two churches.

Rev'd Tim Edwards

Tel: 01959 532133
Email Tim Edwards

Debbie Edwards
Rector's Wife / Unofficial PA

Tel: 01959 532133
Email Debbie Edwards

Graham Bartlett
Trainee Lay Minister

Tel: 01959 534511
Email Graham Bartlett

James Edmunds
St Katharine's Churchwarden

Tel: Coming soon...
Email James Edmunds

Carol Cooling
St Katharine's PCC Secretary

Tel: ‭01959 535195‬
Email Carol Cooling

Richard Hughes
St Margaret's Churchwarden

Tel: 01959 533649
Email Richard Hughes

Gill Johnston
St Margaret's PCC Secretary

Tel: 01959 534463
Email Gill Johnston

David Walker
St Katharine's Organist

Tel: 07840 198709
Email David Walker

Clare Pollard 
St Margaret's Choir Trainer

Tel: 07958 715292
Email Clare Pollard

Brian Shilling
St Margaret's Organist

Tel: 01732 883766
Email Brian Shilling

Marion Layberry
Safeguarding Representative

Tel: Coming soon
Email Marion Layberry

Lesley Cooper
Tots Praise Leader

Tel: 01959 535181
Email Lesley Cooper

Tina Bennett
Youth Leader

Tel: 01959 533809
Email Tina Bennett

Jackie Roberts
Youth Leader

Tel: 01959 535002
Email Jackie Roberts