St Margaret's Fundraising Letter from PCC

Do you want your church to still be available for family events, baptisms, weddings, funerals and special services in 5 years' time?

We take it for granted because there has been a church in Halstead for over 900 years! But now St Margaret’s needs your help! It costs £4,797 a month to keep St Margaret's open. On average the monthly income of St Margaret's is less than £4,589.

Many people think that St Margaret's receives support from the Church of England or the Government, but this is not the case - we, the parishioners have to find enough money each year to:

  • Pay a Rector and whoever takes the services in an interregnum
  • Pay all heating, lighting and repair bills in the church and churchyard
  • Support all work with every age group
  • And make a substantial donation to the expenses of the Diocese

We are very grateful to those who give regular financial support and to the dozens of volunteers who give their time freely to work in the churchyard, deliver parish magazines, arrange flowers, clean the church, and help with all the other necessary tasks.

Please will you help us to keep this historic Church open and continue its work within the Parish?

Make a regular donation by Standing Order or make a one-off donation (that can be Gift Aided). Our Treasurer, Lewis Grey, can give more information about our finances and ways to give.

Everyone is always welcome at St Margaret's and to find out more about the Christian Faith.

St Margaret's Churchwardens and PCC

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