Rector's Letter - October 2015

Dear Friends,

For many busy people, Sunday is a real treat. You can get up slowly, have a leisurely breakfast and then settle down to read the Sunday papers, and just relax. A well-deserved "time for yourself".

So why then, would anyone want to leave the warm comfort of home and go to sit on hard pews in a cold church on a Sunday? A good question! Yet many would be surprised at how many people do this, and the wide variety of ages and backgrounds of people there. (By the way our churches now have efficient heating... but the pews are just as hard!)

I expect that there are all sorts of reasons why people go to church on Sunday; out of habit, to meet friends, or perhaps because it gives them a "spiritual lift". But the main reason is perhaps a puzzling one in our day and age... that is to worship God.

Worship is our response to our experience of God, and can put a whole new perspective on life. I believe that we experience God in so many ways every day of our lives, but usually we don't recognise it. Church can be like a magnifying glass that helps us recognise God's reality. We become more aware that there is a God who loves each one of us with an unconquerable love. Knowing that has enormous benefits and changes everything. For a start, it is a great comfort, but it is also an incentive to work together to make this world a better place. Churches may be beautiful buildings, but bricks and mortar don't make a church. The real church, the living church, is people meeting in the name of Jesus, and experiencing something wonderful and extraordinary. This idea of God becomes a reality to us as we worship together, listen to each other and talk about our faith with its joys and challenges. Here we hope to hear the Great God speaking to us the words of eternal life. Here we hope to discover for ourselves the extraordinary truth that Jesus is real and alive. Something so amazing, so wonderful, that it is almost unbelievable! Now that surely is worth turning out for on a Sunday! (Or come along to the Monthly Discussion Group on 13th October).

We are offering a special invitation to everyone to join us at our Harvest Festivals. St Katharine's Harvest is on 27th September at 10.30am and St Margaret's on 7th October, at 9.30am. Come and see what you think!

With my prayers and very best wishes,
Yours, in Christ, John.

Verse for the Month

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”
Psalm 34:8

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