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Our abbreviations of CW and BCP apply to the type of Church of England service on offer. CW denotes a Common Worship service: a flexible modern language service tailored to fit our congregations here in Knockholt, Halstead and Badgers Mount. BCP, Book of Common Prayer, is the more standardised traditional liturgy, identical across every CofE church.

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November 2018

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Sunday 4th November 201808:00BCP Holy Communion - St Margaret's
09:00Morning Service - St Katharine's
10:30All-age service - St Margaret's
Wednesday 14th November 201814:00Tots' Praise
Tots' Praise, for pre-school children and carers, meeting at St Katharine's, Knockholt and St. Margaret's Halstead in alternate months.
Contact: Lesley Cooper 01959 535181

2018 Dates
10th October - St Margaret's
14th November - St Katharine's
12th December - St Margaret's
2019 Dates
Weds 9th January - St Katharine's
Weds 13th February - St Margaret's
Weds 13th March - St Katharine's
Weds 10th April - St Margaret's
Weds 8th May - St Katharine's
Weds 12th June - St Margaret's
Weds 10th July - St Katharine's
August - No Tots Praise
Weds 11th September - St Margaret's
Weds 9th October - St Katharine's
Weds 13th November - St Margaret's
Weds 11th December - St Katharine's
Sunday 18th November 201808:00BCP Holy Communion - St Katharine's
09:00Early Bird Service - St Katharine's
10:30Family Communion - St Margaret's
Sunday 25th November 201809:00Family Communion - St Katharine's
10:30Morning Service - St Margaret's
Children's Club runs in the North Room on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
16:00Informal Communion - Badgers Mount
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