Richard Hughes | St Margaret's Churchwarden

MA (Oxon)

I was born and grew up in a village in Lancashire, in the North West of England. I studied Economics and Management at Oxford University from 2001 to 2004. Following university I moved to London and lived in Borough for 6 years. I worked for two Canadian Investment banks in Corporate Finance for 14 years. I am currently taking a sabbatical, whilst determining what to do next.

I moved to Halstead in 2011, as myself and my future wife wanted to escape from central London, move to a house and have more space. Since moving to the village we got married at St Margaret's Church in 2012 and have started a family. We have three young daughters, our eldest daughter has just started at St Katharine's School in Knockholt. We are actively involved in the community; I am a regular player for Halstead Cricket Club, along with being the treasurer.

Since moving to the village, myself and my wife have regularly attended St Margaret's and it has played an important role in our lives. We got married at the church and our three children have all been christened at St Margaret's. I joined the PCC in 2014 and became a churchwarden in 2018 and I am looking forward to taking up my duties and learning the ropes as quickly as possible.