Alan Brown | St Margaret's Churchwarden


Both my wife and I originate form Orpington, both of us were born and bred there. We have a son and daughter who are both married and three lovely grandchildren. Some friends of ours moved to Halstead and we were impressed with surrounding, so in 1988 we moved here ourselves. We found there was a very friendly atmosphere and it was not long before we were able to become involved in Church and village activities.

I took an interest in the Village Hall and acted as Chairman for several years. I was friendly with David Blake, the church reader, and he influenced my interest in the Church and I was confirmed at St Margaret's in 2006. I am a member of the choir, help to look after the churchyard and have become a member of the PCC.

Having become redundant from a city job when the firm moved to Essex I decided to become self-employed. I set up as a Driving Instructor, then moved to the Department for Transport to become a Driving Examiner. Some of my time was spent as a Staff Instructor at the training school. Upon retirement from the Civil Service, I didn't feel ready to finish work so took the exams again and resumed teaching. It was a very successful venture I am pleased to say and taught many local people to drive.